How it works

This platform is to be a unifying source for fundraising and small businesses to help make everything more convenient. No more running all over town trying to source out product. No more sending volunteers out to fetch and gather product. No more bulk orders and dealing with logistics. No extra time trying to chase people to collect money or trying to get them to pick up their order. 

Every purchase will see 50% of the proceeds go back to the organization that you are supporting. This is great for fundraising for teams, schools, and non profits. You just direct people to the site, they purchase it online and it's shipped directly to the customer. Then, once a month, we will send funds to the organization based on their sales. We have several different pricing packages available. This will allow you as an organizer to be hands free of all the logistics and focus on other things. 

To set up and organization or a fundraiser just send an email to


Single Product store or short term campaign(max 2 months) - $50 Set up Fee

Level 1 - 6 Products, 2 Monthly Product Changes or edits - $149.99 Annually

Level 2 - 10 Products, 5 Monthly Product Changes or edits - $199.99 Annually

Level 3 - 20 Products, Unlimited Changes - $249.99 Annually

Special Orders and Request are available. Right now we are offering $50 off all packages for the first year. 

Ready to Start fundraising or growing your small business

This partnership will help grow your local community and help your local organizations and communities thrive